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Constructive System

Panelco, is a structural construction system, anti-seismic and with insuperable thermoacoustic insulation capabilities, all thanks to the large amount of steel and polystyrene (EPS) of its panels.

With the Panelco Constructive System you can build houses up to two stories high, including mezzanines and roof slabs, without using columns or additional beams. It can also be used in walls and enclosures in all types of buildings or architectural structures that you want to develop.

Our system is quake resistant, economical and a faster way to construct your project. Panelco, also known as Covintec, manufactures in Costa Rica with worldwide standards and provides additional services such as the installation and plastering of its panels.

Our panels have thermal and acoustic insulation; in addition to a concrete block finish, both in appearance and touch.
Estructura tridimensional electro-soldado OANELCO

What is it?

It consists of a three-dimensional structure of galvanized wire # 14 (2.03 mm), electro welded at each point of contact, composed of vertical reinforcements called ladders or zig zags. The reinforcements are joined sideways by horizontal wires of the same caliber.
Aplicación PANELCO

Is it resistant?

Strips of polystyrene(EPS) with a minimum density of 10 kg / m3 are incorporated between the reinforcements. The grid that forms is separated by 1 cm. of the EPS to allow the correct curing of the mortar that is applied to each panel after its assembly, creating a wall with exceptional resistant characteristics.
Páneles de PANELCO

What results do I get?

Once the panel is peeled off, it generates a solid wall with high standards of quality, finish and insurmountable properties of thermal and acoustic insulation, which exceeds traditional construction systems.


Thermal Insulation

Maintains a fresh atmosphere at any time of the day.

Acoustic Insulation

Special for divisions between rooms or departments.


Finishing a construction will take half the time.


Building with Panelco can save you up to 20%.


We offer the same resistance as a cinder block.


Any finish can be applied: fine, rustic or elegant.


  • We have extensively used Panelco panels as enclosure elements in many of the luxury condominium projects at Los Sueños Resort.

    For more than 15 years, the system has shown its thermal and acoustic benefits in this demanding market. From the structural point of view, the panel has had an excellent behavior, even in the presence of important seismic events.

    The development of projectable mortars in recent years has facilitated the construction and good performance of the system which we use in many other projects designed by our office.

    The density of steel by weight is greater than that of a normal masonry wall and the separation of meshes gives the panel a better capacity for efforts in its weak sense.

    Ing. Orlando Gei Brealey
    Estru Consult

  • I am very happy with the construction system because it has fulfilled the expectations and needs that we expected in regards to the weather, noise and soil conditions. I recommend it one hundred percent, plus, construction is faster than other systems on the market.

    Ana Gabriela Ruiz Conejo
    La Guácima de Alajuela

  • Anyone who has ever built a house or remodeled knows how much professionalism and expertise matters. We have trusted them with our dream and they have delivered under very difficult conditions.

    Lou Davis

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